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Creating centralized visual solutions, Istanbul Photography and Film Atelier / Workshop is a company/ platform/ formation established by names who have worked long years at printed and visual media corporations.

It was founded in Istanbul, in 2006, to meet the demands of corporations in their communication activities and in the documentation of the visual elements.

During these years, we have come closer to acknowledge the styles of the corporations and their manner of working disciplines.

We have been offering our services to the companies especially those in the public relations and advertisement fields, and also to those in the national and international publishing business, for companies, brands and individuals.

We are aware of our clients’ needs and our team is accustomed to working under pressure and various physical conditions, in the effort to achieve the best visual results. We act as the visual memory of the corporations with our after post production services such as our tailored services and digital archive solutions.

Our place where all this work is created, is called by our clients and friends, a ‘’work shop’’ rather than an office. With a collective soul, we open the doors of our work space, that is in the heart of the city, for those dealing with photography and any related field and we are ready to obtain a common platform for creative projects.

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İFA. İstanbul Fotoğraf ve Film Atölyesi Rek. Org. Tur. Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Address: Kocatepe Mahallesi. Lamartin Caddesi. Yılmaz Apartmanı 23/6


Phone: 0 212 297 11 43

E-Mail: info@ifatolye.com